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Funding for the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) is provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, through the CDC Foundation.
Governments of Brazil, Greece, India, Malaysia, Panama, Qatar, Thailand, and Turkey contributed funding to the GATS implementation.
We thank the thousands of field workers for their contributions as well as the thousands of respondents for their cooperation, without whom this work would not have been realized.
Finally, we are grateful to Linda Andes, Rizwan Bashir, Johanna Birckmayer, Glenda Blutcher-Nelson, Rebecca Bunnell, Joanna Cohen, Jennifer Ellis, Michael Eriksen, Gary Giovino, Prakash Gupta, Kelly Henning, Muhammad Jami Husain, William Kalsbeek, Deliana Kostova, Cynthia Lewis, Ahmed Mandil, Lazarous Mbulo, Sandra Mullin,
and Jean Paullin for their expert reviews to improve the quality
of The GATS Atlas.

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